SSC UFM Rule – Everything You Need To Know

SSC UFM Rule : Staff Selection Commission conducts various types of examinations every year, which include SSC CHSL, CGL, JE, JHT, Constable GD examinations. In such a situation, the SSC has made many rules to keep the functioning of all the examinations in a correct manner.

One of those rules is also of UFM. In such a situation, through this article, we will know in detail about SSC UFM Rule.

What Is SSC UFM Rule

SSC UFM full form is “Unfair Means”. If a candidate is found to be using improper means in the examination, he /she will be disqualified from the examination. UFM can bring you up to zero marks.

According to the SSC’s UFM rule, any candidate using “real or imaginary” names in the answer sheet will be disqualified. Disclosure of identity in the examinations conducted by SSC is strictly prohibited.

Some Important Things To Remember

  • If a candidate does not follow the format of the letter and in the case of an informal letter mentioning the address of the recipient or adding irrelevant personal information to the letter, in that case, the candidate will be awarded zero marks.
  • Some people mark or even ruffle behind the answer book. In this it is strictly prohibited and even result marks can be cut. It also falls in the UFM category and therefore should be avoided.
  • Writing unnecessary information other than mentioned in the paper will yield zero marks.
  • If a candidate writes his name anywhere on the answer sheet or you accidentally sign it in the column of the inspector, in that case the answer book will not be evaluated and will be awarded zero marks.
  • Candidates cannot write any real or fictitious phone number, address in the copy.
  • Not filling important things like roll number, signature, left thumb impression also comes under UFM.
  • While writing the essay, if a candidate crosses the word limit by 10%, then marks can be deducted from it.
  • Please remember that whatever is included in the general instructions you have to follow that.

The UFM rule of SSC has been applicable in many of their exams such as CGL, CHSL and MTS for the past several years. However, a lot of controversy also arose last year due to the UFM Rule, and the students also agitated.

On this matter SSC had said, “Candidates were strictly forbidden to write their personal identity like name, roll number, mobile number, address etc. in the answer book. The candidates who violated this rule were given zero marks even after the evaluation process.

In such a situation, if you too are going to appear in any SSC examination in future, then never make such mistakes, and follow the guidelines issued by SSC.

Hope you liked the information given by us about SSC UFM Rule. If you have any question, you can ask us in the comment box, and for such information visit SSC Crack daily.

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